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Psychoanalytic Model Paper

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  • on August 5, 2015
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Psychoanalytic Model Paper
Cassandra Brownlee

Psychoanalytic Model Paper
When speaking about the Psychoanalytic theory more than likely, Sigmund Freud is who you are referring to. Although there are other psychologists that contributed to psychoanalytic theory and its development, Sigmund Freud is known for being the founder of this theory. He is famous for his work on sexual bias of neurosis, his study of hysteria, childhood seduction controversy, and dream analysis, among many other theories. Psychoanalytic Theory is the based on the unconscious mind, and personality development. Also, just as with any other theory, there is criticism and it is not very often that psychologists share the same beliefs.
Psychoanalytic Theory focuses on the study of the unconscious and abnormal behavior.
There are three major influences of psychoanalysis: 1) philosophical speculations about the unconscious, 2) early ideas about psychopathology, and 3) other evolutionary theories. The theory of the unconscious mind is that our minds play a big role in our lives, whether we are sleeping or awake. Freud speculated that our actions were a manifestation of the unconscious consequence of our childhood experiences or emotions. It was Fechner that used the analogy that the unconscious mind is like an iceberg (Schultz & Schultz, 2011, pg. 288). This analogy helped inspire some of Freud’s work, so much in fact that he even quoted Fechner is some of his writings. There were other psychologists before Freud that suggested the theory of the unconscious mind; however Freud claimed that he found a way to study it scientifically. According to Freud, the unconscious mind slips and exposes our true thoughts, desires, emotions and behavior in dreams. This is known as the Freudian slip (Schultz & Schultz, 2011, pg.301).
Psychopathology has also had a great influence on the development of Psychoanalysis. The study of mental illness dates back to 2000BC, the Babylonians...

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