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Psychology 101 Essay

  • Submitted by: dannybohorquez
  • on October 5, 2012
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Psychology 101

              As we all know the world now a days isn’t the same as before, things changed drastically in the past few years, many people have started experimenting with drugs or going through depression which causes them to have psychological disorders. First we’re going to learn what Psychology is, Psychology is the study of how human beings sense, think, learn and know. Psychology is a science based on observations and theories. Modern psychology is the collecting of facts and turning them into psychological theories to explain people's behavior and sometimes to predict and influence their future behavior, for example if someone was abused as a child that might affect the way that person will think and act in the future. Although there are many differences between the different classifications of psychology, they are confused and frequently overlap or misunderstood, many people don’t agree with psychological studies and some of them complete despise it. I will mainly be focusing on Environmental Psychology and Phobias although I will touch on other aspects of psychology.
      Psychology has four main goals: to describe what occurred, to explain why it occurred, to predict what is likely to occur next, and to change or prevent unwanted outcomes. Psychologists study the process of thinking, learning, cognition, emotions, motivations, and personalities; the main area of study within this field, clinical psychology, addresses the diagnosis and treatment of mental disorders. Let’s say psychologists are the doctors that examine your mains instead of your body, these studies are done with many methods and experiments that have been tested on animals and have been concluded that they can be used on humans. There are several different types of psychologist for different problems. One example is a school psychologist. In education and school psychology, they study the process of education and works to promote the intellectual, social, and emotional...

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