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Psychology Essay

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  • on February 18, 2012
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Below is an essay on "Psychology" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

Chapter 14 – Stress and Health –‘2012 – WITH SPACES
The problem: “.if endures…physiologically predisposed…unhealthy behaviors” àHALF the mortality of the Big Four: heart disease, cancer, stroke, chronic lung disease
-behavioral medicine,
health psychology

Stress and Illness: Karl versus Karen…
terms: stressor
stress: appraisal and coping,
threats and challenges
-distress versus eustress…

Stress Response System:
1. Walter Cannon, fight or flight:
-sympathetic nervous system stuff, Inner adrenals – epinephrine, norepinephrine; Outer adrenals – glucocorticoids, cortisol

2. Hans Selye: General Adaptation Syndrome (GAS):
-alarm, resistance, exhaustion…

- telomeres

Stressful Life Events: catastrophes,

significant life changes (Holmes-Rahe Scale),


(plus perceived control, poverty and inequality, racism

Stress and the Heart: coronary heart disease
1. personality (trait) – Friedman and Rosenman: Type A, Type B / toxic components;

atherosclerosis, blood away from organs, cleansing

2. susceptibility to disease: psychosomatic versus psychophysiological illness,

-stress and the immune system: lymphocytes: B – Bone marrow, T – Thymus and lymphaTic Tissue, macrophage

  -overrespond: arthritis / allergies / multiple scerosis / lupus;

-underrespond: virus / infection / cancer cells to grow / spread

-women immunologically stronger à less infections / more self-attacking

-restraint, loss of control, etc. (see “stressful life events” list): immune system less active (closed system: energy diverted to sympathetic arousal…)

Stress and AIDS:

Stress and Cancer:

Conditioning and the Immune System:

Promoting Health:

Coping with Stress:
-problem-focused, emotion-focused

-perceived control – executive rat (versus Brady, “executive monkey”),

-explanatory style -- optimism versus pessimism, social support

Managing Stress
-aerobic exercise and mood...

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