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Psychology Essay

  • Submitted by: asingh808
  • on October 5, 2012
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Below is an essay on "Psychology" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

Psych 300
Fall 2012
Class Project: Personalities

Project is due November 19, 2012

Note: Please read the Project instructions on these pages completely before starting. Do a test run on navigating the websites first to be familiar with how everything works. Contact me regarding any questions

This Project will coincide with our Class section on Personality. The design is to provide you with an overview of how principles of general psychology apply to areas such as personality.

Go online and go to the Yahoo browser page.   You can do this by typing in Yahoo.com.   Then go to the following website by typing or copying and pasting this location unto the web browser search bar:


Once there you should see the HumanMetrics page with the Jung Typology Test™.  
Follow the directions and take the personality test.   The test has 72 questions.

When completed, click the “score it” button.   A page identifying your personality type should appear. Your results will be indicated with:
“Your Type is ESFJ” (ESFJ here is used as an example)

Next click “ESFJ type description by D.Keirsey” and you will go to a “portrait” of your type.   Read your portrait.   Play the Video Portrait located here regarding your type

On the right side of this page note Famous Personalities with your same type.

Near the lower half of this page go to “More About Your ESFJ ________ Personality:” and click Best Job Fit for ESFJ. You will see four different Types and their possible occupations listed here.   Read your Type’s “Finding Your Passion”.

Next go to the myersbriggs.org website by typing this address into your search bar.   You will be taken to the Myers Briggs Home page
Roll your cursor on the “My MBTI Personality Type” and you can click on the “MBTI Basics” that appears in the box to the right.

Scroll down this page (about half way) until you find a grid with 16 different personality types.   Each will consist of 4...

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