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Psychology Essay

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1. (Pg. 169, #2) Observational learning is a style of learning in which an individual learns fresh information and behaviors by observing the actions of others. This takes place in my life everyday without me noticing. When I was an adolescent, I noticed my brothers behaviors tend to be punished; I was less likely to imitate their actions.   Another instance I can remember was when I landed my first job as a waitress. However, I had no experience waitressing. Therefore, on my first day I watched the waitresses more experienced than me. This permitted me to gain the knowledge I needed to become successful. These instances have greatly benefited my life. Even though observational learning can be extremely helpful, there are times when it can be a disadvantage. In high school I spent a tremendous amount of time with the wrong people. They influenced me to make the wrong decisions such as: alcohol, drugs, and attitude. They were praised for their wild behavior, so I thought it was cool. Therefore, it lead me down the wrong path.

  2. (Pg. 195, #5) Three of the top ways to aid enhanced memory are: organization, rehearsal and repetition. If I was an eyewitness to a crime I would try and be aware of all five senses. The first step I would take is to catalog everything I remember (race, gender, distinct marks, hair color, etc.) Secondly, I would make a diagram of the transgression (surroundings, smells, sounds, etc.) Thirdly, I would study the facts repeatedly. I believe it is imperative that you not get baffled and all the details are concrete. The trustworthiness of testimonies varies.   They’re frequently changed by expectations and easily influenced. As time passes memories gradually alter. The human brain isn’t a recorder, and it’s difficult to remember events accurately. Jurors must be conscious of these facts when questioning the reliability of a witness. You shouldn’t use bias, but if testimony isn’t plausible or there are inconsistencies in the statements, the...

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