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Psycholoigcal Disorder Analysis: Dysthymic Disorder

  • Submitted by: kad713
  • on September 18, 2012
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Psychological Disorder Analysis: Dysthymic Disorder
April 10, 2012

Psychological Disorder Analysis: Dysthymic Disorder
In the case of Marla, the 42-year-old Hispanic female who came to the mental health clinic complaining of having some problems with sleeping, irritability, and is having a hard time concentrating.   These symptoms are affecting her ability to do her job as an accountant.   At first glance the symptoms she states sounds like some form of depression or dysthymic disorder.   These disorders are similar, however dysthymic disorder suffers have a higher level of functioning   but the symptoms of depression’s time period is only two weeks, where as with dysthymic disorder, the symptoms have to persist for two years.   So, for my better judgment of what information I have been given, I would have to say that Marla is suffering from a dysthymic disorder.   According to the “Fundamentals of Abnormal Psychology”, this would classify as a mood disorder and this disorder is depression, just there are some factors that would distinguish a person having dysthymic disorder.
There are some questions that can be used to help assist the accuracies for determining that in fact Marla is suffering from a dysthymic disorder (McGraw-Hill, 2007).   These questions below are the first of many questions that should be asked to determine Marla’s condition.   Once the basis of the assessment is determined then other interviews and assessments can follow to help with the proper treatment.  
  1. Are you taking any medication?   If so, what are you taking and for how long?
Marla: No I have not been taking any medication.
  2. Was there a recent stop to taking any medications?
No I was not any medication of any kind.
  3. Has anyone in your family been diagnosed with an anxiety disorder or depression?   If so, who and what exactly was the diagnosis?
Marla: My father was diagnosed with depression; however he wasn’t not in that state for a long period of time....

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