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Psychopathology Approaches Essay

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  • on October 18, 2013
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The Psychopathology Approaches

In 1986, Freud designed the theory of Psychodynamic behaviorism's, which views abnormal behavior is caused by unconscious, psychological forces. The first part of Freud’s theory can be described as the iceberg model. It includes the conscious, pre conscious and unconscious. The conscious; which takes the first 7th of the ‘iceberg’, is the awareness we have when we are awake. the pre-conscious; taking place in the boundary, contains memories of dreams, giving clues about the unconscious. The Preconscious is structured. Therefor, when remembering a dream, we’re not remembering the dream, but in fact a highly encoded idea. This mechanism protects us so we are not subjected to what the pre-conscious is really thinking. Finally, the Unconscious holds secret wishes and fears, traumatic experiences and is completely hidden from us, with no way of accessing it. The unconscious is necessary for basic survival as it helps people to forget past traumas and move on. The unconscious mind falls within the 6/7th of the iceberg model.

Expanding on the Iceberg model, Freud explained human interactions and actions through the use of the Id, ego and superego. The Id is the part of the human mind that is developed first at a young age, and lives by the pleasure principle. The id tells us what we want, and when we want it. This can be shown through infants, when they seek drink, food, warmth, or attention. When referring to the iceberg, the id falls under the unconscious section of the mind. Developed around the age of 2, the ego is the part of the human mind that follows the reality principle. The ego helps us to survive as too often can humans get carried away with ideas and their imagination, and the ego helps us to think realistically and plan for the future. The Id and the Ego both follow two conflicting principles, so when the id gets carried away, the ego draws it back into line. The ego however, is still selfish in its own, for example...

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