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Psycology Essay

  • Submitted by: JRHENSON13
  • on October 5, 2012
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Self-Fulfilling Prophecy
Jane Elliot’s experiment first indicated that the students with blue eyes have superiority in intelligence, and that students with brown eyes were inferior. The next day she reversed this saying her statement was untrue and that the reverse situation now prevailed. The students that thought they were in the superior category oppressed the students in the inferior category, and the students in the inferior category exhibited negative self-worth and fear.
Jane Elliot’s experiment exhibits prejudice because of the negative evaluations of the groups with different color eyes, and the members of these groups were not considered individuals. She based her judgments of them solely based on the physical characteristic of their eye color. This experiment also exhibits stereotyping because Jane Elliot used a belief about a typical characteristic (eye color) to assume the intelligence level of the students with blue or brown eyes. During the experiment the students experienced the self-fulfilling prophecy, because they perceived false expectations about the students with blue or brown eyes and this caused the students to adopt those expected attributes and behaviors. The self-fulfilling prophecy stems from a schema which is an organized system or structure of cognitions about a person, group, place, or things. The self-fulfilling prophecy shows that schemas are so powerful that it not only influences how information in the environment is interpreted but also helps push the environment to become consistent with the schema. Also, I think it is important to note Jones and Davis’s correspondent inference theory details how we infer whether a behavior of a person is due to that person’s personal characteristics or situational influences. In the case of Jane Elliot’s experiment the student’s behavior is a result of the influence of the situation, and because of this their behavior is most likely not going to be revealing of their true personal traits....

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