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Ptijdf Essay

  • Submitted by: Meshaba
  • on January 7, 2013
  • Category: College Admissions
  • Length: 1,019 words

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Overview of In-class Access Project:

  1) Create Blank Data Base
      1. Click Blank Database button
      2. Type the file name: Wooden Crafts.accdb
      3. Use the Folder button to save the database to your ClassNotes\04Access folder
      4. Click the Create button

  2) After you create database, you will see this::
Access Work Area
Navigation Pane

  3) Click on Options button and “Enable this content”

  5) Create Table:
      5. Import two tables into our database
        i. From the External Data Ribbon, click the Import Access database button:

      6. Create Product Table:


  7) Create the Relationship between the Suppliers table (with primary key) and the Products table (with Foreign key):
      7. From the Database Tools Ribbon on the Show/Hide group, click the Relationships button.

      8. Using the title bar for each field list, drag the tables so that the order is as follows:

      9. Right-click the join line and point to Edit-relationships:

      10. and then check Enforce Referential Integrity:

      11. Click Save After you have Edited the Relationships

  9) Create Form:
      12. From Create Ribbon we will create two forms:
        ii. Default Form:
            1. From the Navigation Pane, select the table for which you would like to make a Form
            2. From the Create Ribbon, Query Group, click the Form button

            3. After you create Form and before you enter data, change the View to Form View

            4. Save the Form with the name “Products Form”
      13. If you are viewing the objects in the Navigation Pane as “Object Type – All Access Objects”, after you create the forms you should see the following objects in the Navigation Pane:
        iii. Object Type:   5 Objects:  

  1. Wooden Crafts Queries:

  * In-Class Wooden Crafts Queries:
        1. Question: “Show all Products, On Hand and Price”

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  • Submitted by: Meshaba
  • on January 7, 2013
  • Category: College Admissions
  • Length: 1,019 words
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