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Ptsd Essay

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  • on January 25, 2013
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Sharon Knight
Instructor: Carrie Miller
Composition II-166
December 12, 2012

PTSD means Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, an emotional and psychological reaction to trauma (a painful, shocking experience). PTSD affects the stress hormones and chemicals that carry information between the nerves (PDR 2012). Some causes of PTSD are assault, domestic abuse, a prison stay, rape, terrorism and/or war. No one really knows all the causes of PTSD nor is it documented that everyone that say they have it actually has it. Post-traumatic stress disorder is a type of anxiety disorder that can make the person feel stressed and angry and it has no age limits.
Some symptoms of PTSD are re-experiencing flashbacks-reliving the trauma over and over or bad dreams and frightening thoughts. While the majority of those who have experienced direct trauma or who have witness trauma will heal even persons who do not develop full-blown post-traumatic stress disorder will experience a number of the symptoms of post-traumatic stress: intrusive thoughts and memories; hyper reactivity; avoidance of persons, places, things and other triggers; jumpiness (Williams & Poijula). Another symptom is feeling emotionally numb, feeling strong guilt/depression or worry and having trouble remembering the dangerous events. Then there is hyper arousal this meaning being easily startled or feeling tensed/on edge and having difficulty sleeping and/or having angry outbursts (Google). When you experience trauma you feel you are no longer in control of what has happened around you and you may feel vulnerable like your world is no longer safe and secure. You cannot make sense of what is left and your meaning of life that was present a short time before is now gone; life is no longer fair and just.
The first step in dealing with trauma is to recognize its impact. A traumatic event has many possible impacts: your feelings, thoughts, relationships, behaviors,...

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