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Publicity Essay

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Below is an essay on "Publicity" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

The story of the brand:
Having read an opinion poll in a newspaper, explaining that most of working population does not like their work and they would prefer to be on holidays rather than to go to the work, a mad scientist decided to create a product which allows to pretend to be sick for a few hours, the time to obtain a certificate of sick leave and then become again healthy and take advantage of his sick leave to go on holiday or stay quietly at home. Thus he has created the company "Useful Disease" producing in shape of chewing gum, a way to take vacation. (For his scientific researches, he obtained two Nobel prizes, one in chemistry and one in medicine, to have tamed viruses). Knowing that these products were not legal, he decided to sell his production on the Internet to avoid the problems with the Social Security which is at war against excessive sick leaves.

Key questions in ad analysis:
- 1) What exactly is being advertised?
Our product is a purchasable virus, in shape of a chewing gum that can last 1, 5, 10 or 24 hours, the time to obtain a certificate of sick leave signed by the doctor in order to exempt someone from going to work .
- 2) Where and when did the ad appear?
- 3)Who appears to be the target audience?
The general audience of the advertisement is loafer adults of the working population.
The potential aimed customers are all the members of the working population who want   to go on holiday.

- 5) In what ways does it utilize features of a particular medium used (poster, television, film, radio, magazine etc.)
Our company uses advertisements on the Internet in partner sites (of sales of mattress or agencies of journey) in order that only potentially customers can find our company and to avoid be located by fraud prevention to the Social Security. The word of mouth is also an important means of advertising(publicity), the persons already customers send our leaflets to their friends in order that they can take advantage of our...

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