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Punk Fashion and Rock N Roll Essay

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  • on October 20, 2013
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Punk Fashion Analysis
The birth and presumed death of punk fashion and culture is recorded and analyzed thoughtfully in the article “Punk Male Fashion and Aesthetic of Entropy” by Professor Jose Blanco. Punk was a movement that appraised all antiestablishment sentiments and rejected any traditional values that emphasized positivity or regulation. The thoughts and actions projected by the members of the punk movement were reflected in the chaotic, shoddy construction of their clothing. They rejected the conservationist ideals of the hippies, and strived to make the conformist population uncomfortable with a harsh new take on music and outlandish fashion tastes. Although the punk subculture was initially created as a revolution or a resistance against mainstream ideals and fashion, the disorganized style that was popularized during the movement was effectively diffused throughout the general public as an innovated, fresh   take on high fashion.
Pins, patches, spiked hair, and tartan fabric are only a few of the aspects of punk fashion highlighted by Professor Blanco. Punk fashion was considered as anti-fashion because the followers of the counter culture movement purposefully distressed, shredded and manipulated their clothing in order to emphasis their anarchist principles. The more unconventional the accessory and hair style the better. There was no particular way to embody punk, one just had to appear different from the conventional fashion that populated the streets. This was accomplished by attempting to model their dress after homeless street urchins. Even though there is controversy about whether or not the punk subculture began in American garage bands or in the grimy streets of London, the end result was the same. The complete and utter emphasis of uncontrollable chaos. Everything from lifestyle to music choice was considered as a form of constructed mayhem.The bands that classified themselves as punk rarely ever even had a uniform fashion sense, some...

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