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Pygmalion Essay

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  • on January 5, 2013
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Battling Tough Times
During The Victorian period; 1832-1901, people looked for others faults and put others down because of them. In Shaw’s writings he believed that preconceived notions about human character may in reality be far from the truth. Shaw also believed things in general were not what they seemed. Throughout the play you can see that Shaw’s beliefs play a role in the how the play turns out. In Pygmalion Shaw shows how people judge others unfairly through middle class morality, search for Identity, and women feminism.
During the play Pickering is always putting others down for their social class but this would also happen frequently in the Victorian age. Pickering asks, “Have you no morals man?” Doolittle then replied, “Can’t afford them” (Act V. 66), Doolittle makes that statement due to a comment he had previously said in which it was unusual for someone in a higher social class. Many during this time period would do things not accustom to others in order to reach a higher social class so that they would have a better life and better choices in life. Not only was middle class morality a part of this story but so was a search for identity.
Eliza truly wanted to become an owner of a flower shop but through the process she had trouble figuring out who she really was. Eliza then states, “I want to be a lady in a flower shop stead of selling at the corner of church” (Act III. 40), Eliza later on went to Higgins to help her become a normal citizen so she could have a chance at her dream. Eliza was tired of being a corner vender and wanted her own little shop but while trying to become normal she always questioned if she was happy not being the real her. Eliza faced other problem also during this time such as women/ feminism.
Though she had put up with a lot she had to also deal with feminism/ being a women. Higgins listens as Eliza States, “Who has disposed… out of my mouth” (Act IV. 50), Eliza is letting out that she feels that Higgins has not...

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