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Questions on Road to Memphis Essay

  • Submitted by: abraham1997
  • on September 21, 2012
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Last Questions for the Road To Memphis
Abraham L. Elizondo
Q1. Why does Jeremy Simms sympathize with the Logan family and why does he finally help smuggle Moe Turner out of Strawberry?
A1. Jeremy sympathizes for the Logan family because he feels bad for them. He knows that discrimination is wrong and he should not take part in it. He smuggles Moe out of Strawberry because he knew that Statler started it. He was forced into it and did not want to. Jeremy was trying to do the right thing and protect Moe.
Q2. What does the 1938 Ford represent to Stacey and to Cassie? Why doesn't Stacey plan to fix the scratches that were made on the car while it was parked at the service station?
A2. The Ford represents the family by being one of the main bonds that brings them together. The Ford to Cassie and Stacey was extremely important. They felt as if this car was part of them and if it looked bad it made them and their family look bad. Stacey planned to fix the scratches because he did not want his personal image to look bad.
Q3. Although Cassie claims to ignore Moe's attempts to court her, what does she really think of him?
A3. Cassie always thinks Moe is joking around when he says he wants to court her. She really thinks of Moe as a brother or a close family friend. He has grown up with her family and they have been best friends.

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