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Quit Smoking Essay

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  • on November 13, 2012
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Quit Smoking
There have been over 500,000 deaths and illnesses due to smoking. Smoking can lead to lung cancer, Ischemic heart disease, Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease, stroke, and many different types of cancer. One in every ten people die due to a disease caused by smoking. Smokers hurt a lot of people without ever knowing it, ranging from children becoming diagnosed with heart disease, people dying from second hand smoke, to people smoking every day, which should be an eye opener to adults who smoke. Smoking is not only a nasty habit, but is just plain dirty as well.   It stains the walls, makes clothes smell, and eventually harms other people who simply inhale second hand smoke. Therefore, people should think about the consequences and the effect their actions are having on others and make the wise choice to quit smoking.
Smoking and lung cancer go hand in hand because smoking causes lung cancer along with many other types of diseases. As stated by, Rod Liddle in an article,” I will just about concede that there is a direct relationship between smoking and lung cancer (although not passive smoking and lung cancer) with the smoking making you cough, and if you already have a cough, then you do as I do and attempt to manfully increase your intake of cigarettes, then, in the end, blood will make an unexpected an unwelcome appearance in the expectorant” (Liddle 1). Who likes to cough up blood? No one likes to cough up blood, because it is painful and just nasty. Also smoking attacks a person’s blood vessels to the point where they do not constrict like elastic as they should in the first place. Health problems occur very often when someone smokes a lot; it also harmfully affects the people around the smoke.
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Second hand smoke is harmful to anyone who has to breathe it.   The health risks are greater for people inhaling second hand smoke, adversely affecting people who have no desire to smoke. Someone who inhales a lot of second hand smoke is...

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