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Quiz Essay

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  • on September 19, 2012
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Modern Database Management,
Chapter 2   Modeling Data in the Organization

1) The common types of entities are:
A) strong entities.
B) weak entities.
C) associative entities.
D) all of the above.

2) The logical representation of an organization's data is called a(n):
A) database model.
B) entity-relationship model.
C) relationship systems design.
D) database entity diagram.

3) A business rule:
A) defines or constrains some aspect of the business.
B) asserts business structure.
C) controls or influences the behavior of the business.
D) all of the above.

4) Customers, cars, and parts are examples of:
A) entities.
B) attributes.
C) cardinals.
D) relationships.

5) An entity type whose existence depends on another entity type is called a ________ entity.
A) strong
B) weak
C) codependent
D) variant

6) A(n) ________ is the relationship between a weak entity type and its owner.
A) member chain
B) identifying relationship
C) jump path
D) chain link

7) A property or characteristic of an entity type that is of interest to the organization is called a(n):
A) attribute.
B) coexisting entity.
C) relationship.
D) cross-function.

8) An attribute that must have a value for every entity (or relationship) instance is a(n):
A) composite attribute.
B) required attribute.
C) optional attribute.
D) multivalued attribute.

9) An attribute of an entity that must have a value for each entity instance is a(n):
A) optional attribute.
B) composite attribute.
C) required attribute.
D) fuzzy attribute.

10) An attribute that can be broken down into smaller parts is called a(n) ________ attribute.
A) associative
B) simple
C) composite
D) complex

11) The following figure shows an example of:
A) a composite attribute.
B) a relational attribute.
C) a derived attribute.
D) a multivalued attribute.

12) In the figure below, which attribute is multivalued?
A) Years_Employed
B) Employee_ID
C) Skill...

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