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Quotes from Blackboy Essay

  • Submitted by: singleladeez
  • on January 26, 2013
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“There were hours when hunger would make me weak, would make me sway while walking, would make my heart give a sudden wild spurt of beating that would shake my body and make me breathless; but the happiness of being free would lift me beyond hunger, would enable me to discipline the sensations of my body to the extent that I could temporarily forget” (127).

• Shows how hunger affects his life
• Shows how Richard has to think beyond the hunger and put up with the suffering
• Shows how the thought of being free can take away his hunger

“I hungered for a different life, for something new” (129)

• Starved for a different
• Realizes what he is missing due to race
• Home life, school life, food etc not good

“My old hunger was still with me and I lived on what I did not eat. Perhaps the sunshine, the fresh air, and the pot liquor from greens kept me going. Of an evening I would sit in my room reading, and suddenly I would become aware of smelling of meat frying in my neighbors kitchen and would wonder what it was like to eat as much meat as one wanted” (137).”

• Fanaticizes eating as much meat as you want, desperate for food
• Hunger never goes away
• How could you keep going? So much strength and perseverance

Black White Race

“The only dream of a nigger is to be president and sleep with white women! Do we want this in our fair land? Organize and save white womanhood! (131)”

• Propaganda from newspaper that Richard sold
• Voices opinion openly in how whites treat blacks
• Racist message, blacks have no dreams and their dreams don’t come true


“Had I done right or had a done wrong? If I had held still and let Granny slap me she would not have fallen. But was it not natural to dodge a blow? (134)”

• Feels guilty about Granny falling
• Shows the way Richard questions his judgment
• Wonders way he does things wrong often

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