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Rabia Essay

  • Submitted by: rabiaabbasi
  • on September 20, 2012
  • Category: English
  • Length: 351 words

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Title: Lesson well learned

Choosing oranges was the most intricate task in my sight and required skill as well as some practice too. Going to a fruit stall and then aiming for pulpy and succulent oranges surely required a lot of time especially for me. Sparing some time, I got into the car and looked for fruit stalls. While I was there , I started picking oranges. But while I was there many of them started to fall. They were falling like drops of rain, except rain drops replaced by oranges and cloud with box.

  I was in my own deep thoughts collecting day’s work when they tumbled down my shoes. Presumably, an air of shame passed me and I myself smelled it. At that moment I felt so sorry for the shopkeeper. For some time, I just stared at the falling oranges with my mouth wide open. Then returning to my senses I started picking them up but then I heard someone calling me.

  A generous voice rested my soul. It was this shopkeeper.” Baji please don’t, NO matter I can pick them.” ( baji means unmarried). I couldn’t find words to answer and it looked as if my mouth was sealed with a zip. In my mind a thought struck me that even though I did his loss but no sort of anger .But I later apologized him and did something very useful. I decided to pay him but her refuses. Although these people earned so less but still knowing that it was not done intentionally he forgave me. It was a high degree kindness in my eyes I can never forget.

Also I helped him to pick up some oranges and paid him too happily. Consequently, I bought some oranges from him and went home feeling like I did a great deal. And thought that good people are always alive. I learned that these people are far greater than us by deeds and there character. As rightly said by Winston Churchill attitude is a little thing that makes a big difference.


        BY: Rabia Abbasi
  Genre:   short story
Length: 340 words

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