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Rabies Essay

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Nel, A., Le Roux, K., and Atlas, R. 2009. Meeting the Rabies Control
Challenge in South Africa. Microbe 4(2): 61-65.


Rabies had been virtually cured in the world. However, the disease remains in some animals and causes about 50,000 fatal human cases per year and it has the 10th highest mortality of all infectious disease known in the world. (Nel 2009). Whereas in the United States and Europe, the rabies virus is discovered mostly from wild species, such as raccoons, skunks and foxes, the main source of the virus is found in dogs in South Africa and other developing countries (Nel 2009). “The goal of eliminating human rabies in South Africa and other areas of the continent is realistic and will depend on effectively controlling the disease in infected dogs” (Nel 2009).
In order for such goal to be accomplished, a strong and continuous campaign must be carried out throughout the country (Nel 2009). Canine rabies is a fairly new disease that came to southern Africa region during the 1940’s. The possibility of eliminating rabies is difficult through parenteral vaccination programs due to the large population of dogs. The alternative strategy for controlling rabies involves oral vaccine usage in treating animals along with prophylactic use of the human vaccine to lower the prevalence of human cases (Nel 2009).
In conclusion, the success for rabies control would depend mainly upon the local officials implying the One Health-One Medicine approach, which “is a collaborative effort involving many disciplines working locally, nationally, and globally” (Nel 2009).


The purpose of this article seems to inform the readers about the seriousness of the rabies virus in South Africa. The article seems to be written towards more a general audience, which makes the article very easy to read and understand. Since the article is fairly recent, the hypothesis set in this report is rabies can be eliminated in South Africa by participating in animal...

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