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Race: Spine for Class Essay

  • Submitted by: klashnumata
  • on January 24, 2013
  • Category: Social Issues
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Race has a significant role in human society that affected the lives of so many people. Around the world, numerous conflicts have risen due to racial problems between racial groups. Then, there are issues regarding the various social classes. Different people are placed into different ranks of classes based on their status in society. Race and class together shape the social world. In the United States, every page of American history was written where race was the foundation of creating class in society that brought conflicts within a race and between racial groups in a social, political, and economic level.
Throughout any society, here in the U.S., classification played a big role in creating a system of order. From the medicine cabinet found inside of one’s home, to the file cabinet storing important documents in the workplace, to the rows of products in the supermarket, classification seemed to be a daily part of everyday human lives. Scientists used a system of categorization to create the biological classification such as the System Naturae and the phylogenetic tree in order to track the species of organisms. No human beings were identical to each other; however, there were similarities in basic physical features such as the hair and skin color, or immaterial aspects such as correlating intelligence with brain size. Therefore, for the human species, the “world’s peoples” were found “as being divided into exclusive and discrete groups, called races, that were ranked hierarchy vis-a-vis one another” .
The rankings were usually created by the most dominant group, which consisted of, in American society, the white American citizens. Underneath them sat the other raial groups of different social levels. The early ancestors of white American, the “English colonizers”, “selected the term race to refer” to each of the racial groups . By the late 16th and 17th centuries, the word race was used as a categorizing term similar to the meaning of type, kind, or group....

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