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Racism Essay

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  • on January 24, 2013
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Below is an essay on "Racism" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

Part III
In a well-structured essay, write the following statement: Othello’s blackness and its effect on his character.

Generally, racism has been a topic debated by several individuals. Somehow, racism has decreased with time, and we have even gotten to a point where people judge each other by their attitude instead of the color of their skin. However, this situation was not too likely to be possible years ago. As an example, we can look into the story of Othello, by William Shakespeare, who a black man was living in a world with white people. This story shows how black men were seen as inferior in many ways, overly interested in sex, and animalistic. These reasons caused some effects in Othello’s life that drove him to tragedy.

Black people were judge badly in the past. They were considered inferior because of were their origins came from. Because of this, having a black person like Othello in such a powerful automatically made some people angry. Some men usually saw Othello as an outsider, and they probably thought that they deserved that position Othello had more than him. These situations were commonly presented around those times, and they unable everybody to be equal. Othello is a good example of perseverance, and courage. A person should be judge by their skills and knowledge rather than their looks and color. Othello did not care his color and found love with a young white woman named Desdemona. This showed that he was not inferior, that he was capable of loving someone that did not have the same color of skin as he did, and that he was better than other men because of his skills and knowledge.

Black people in that time had a different way of loving than white people. They were more passionate and sexual. This also caused an impact in Othello’s life because he did not marry a woman of his race. Black people were supposedly overly interested in sex which made Othello look like he was not the right husband for Desdemona. This brought jealousy to...

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