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Racism Is Ungovernable Essay

  • Submitted by: ashton2314
  • on October 18, 2013
  • Category: Social Issues
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Ashton Cowan                                                                                                           Cowan 1
Kathleen Richards
EN 112-01
Essay #3
                                  Racism is Ungovernable
Thousands of years ago the Egyptian tribe, known as the Punts, were looked down upon and treated as inferior just because they appeared to be “different” from all of the other tribes (Makowski). This is a prime example of how long racism has been in existence. The reason racism is still apparent today is because it has successfully been passed down from generation to generation. With this being said, racism has always been around and will always remain an issue due to human nature. Professors believe that racism could be prevented through education; however, no research has proven this method to be effective. Despite the good intentions, these education programs would be ineffective due to the way humans think and the way they are influenced.
Education programs in elementary schools designed to teach young students about racial issues would be useless. Educators believe if these children are taught about racial problems before they are old enough to form their own opinions, racism could be prevented. However, because racism originates from the home, any outside influences are pointless at the
Cowan 2
elementary age.   Louise Derman-Sparks claims that, ”Children are color-blind. They are unaware of race and racism. This ideology further assumes that if adults don’t talk with children about ‘it’, children will grow up to be non-prejudice adults” (5).
At this age children have not yet developed the ability to “think for themselves” especially when it comes to doing what is right and what is wrong. Children tend to learn “what is right” by imitating the ways of their parents. Children often learn to read and write from their parents before entering school systems. Parents also instruct children in other areas concerning matters of everyday...

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