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Rave Culture Essay

  • Submitted by: mcalise91
  • on November 13, 2012
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Rave Culture
Every human being in their life has been criticized for doing something that they truly love. Whether it is art, sports, music career, religion or a certain cult that they are involved in. This is exactly what is happening to the young people all over the world that dress in flashy clothes, carry glow-sticks and party until the crack of dawn. Most people, no matter how old, have probably heard of raves in their life. Though is what they have been told by the media, gossip in their families and talk on the streets about these certain partygoers really true? By examining the history, stereotypes, and general information about this culture, one may see how raves impact society.
        Raves began mainly in the United Kingdom, when DJs began experimenting with house music, and bore Deep House and Techno. Even today the UK has the biggest rave scene and therefore suppress great individualism, since the rave culture holds a more bizarre appearance compared to regular cultures around the world. Many ravers attend to "express themselves" through their attire, which follows up with individualism. English DJs came back from Ibiza where they experienced ecstasy and the rave culture firsthand. After decades of the computerized music growing, these DJs developed a straight drum base that pulses at 115-300 BPM as the DJ "spins" using different pitches and speeds with a synthesizer. In Detroit and Chicago, DJs began to perform straight, repetitive drum beats over disco music. This was known as House, named after the club "The Warehouse". The genres of electronic rave music now days include Techno, Trance, Hard Trance, Progressive Trance, Hard House, Hardstyle, Jungle, Gabber, and Euro Techno.  These raves were biggest in the late eighties, even though the electronic music and style of clothing were different due to the rise in computer technology and fashions. Rave parties last all night. The parties start late and end early in the morning.  They take place in...

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