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1.3 Identify and Provide an overview of four factors that can influence individual behavior in the workplace at the Irish TESCOS.
Companies are striving to answer many questions in efforts to benefit from positive employee behavior in the workplace at the Irish TESCOS. The goal of most companies is to foster a win-win situation for both the company and associate. In fact, there is a model of individual behavior that answers these questions quite well. The MARS model of Individual Behavior and Results introduced in chapter two of Organizational Behavior, 4th edition (McShane & Von Glinow) is an excellent medium for creating the win-win relationship between the employer and associate.
Four factors that can influence individual behavior:
This model identifies four interrelated elements that have an affect on:
Employee performance;
Motivation Ability,
Role perception and
Situational factors.
These factors are highly interrelated; for example, a data analyst is skilled in running reports (ability), self taught on how to use the latest tools to extrapolate data (motivation), and understands how this information will help management make decisions (role perception), but does not have the required access to the data files (situational factors). Unless all of the elements of the MARS model are satisfied, employee behavior and performance will be negatively impacted.
A successful manager will possess a clear understanding of the abovementioned elements and be able to apply them. Motivation is the internal influence affecting employees' actions. Employers must meet the intrinsic needs of associates to fully capitalize on the motivation element of this model. In order to accomplish the job, employees must have the necessary abilities. Managers are responsible for ensuring their employees receive the required training and skills to be successful. Another critical function of the ability element is to place employees in positions that...

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