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Real Lightsabers Essay

  • Submitted by: mcristler
  • on November 12, 2012
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Real Lightsabers
Okay, so maybe not the real deal where the blade is actually pure energy; but they are as close to the real thing as you are going to get with today’s technology. ____ makes prop lightsabers as a hobby. One may think that the hardest part to building a lightsaber would be the internal wiring to make it work, but this is not so. Much of the time and effort to make one of these pieces actually goes into the exterior detail. The types of lightsabers can range from durable beat sticks to valuable collectables and can take days, weeks, or even months to make depending on the quality.
Not all of us are electricians or electrical engineers, so we do not know how to wire even the most simple of circuits correctly. But with a little internet research and some practice, anyone can do basic wiring. A prop lightsaber is just a fancy looking flashlight with a glass tube attached to the end of it so that the light refracts. So internally, they are practically all the same.
Alec can make very durable props. While they may not look as nice because of abuse and the need for survivability, they can definitely withstand a hit; they are cheaply made yet still serve their purpose. Although they are made this way, there is still a quality about them that ____ always adds, even to the most redundant of lightsabers. According to the lore of Star Wars, the lightsabers are made with a crystal inside of them, and ____ always adds a small quartz crystal to his lightsabers. But besides the nicety that he adds to all of them, they can be very different from one another. The simple ones he makes have handles made of PVC pipe and blades of plastic. But on his durable ones that are meant to be used for hitting things, he actually uses bulletproof glass. Another small detail to pay attention to is how the blade is secured to the handle. If the attaching mechanism is external, it is probably a cheaper model.
There is actually very little that separates the simple from the...

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