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Reasoning Aptitude Essay

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Career Plan Discussion

Part 1- Reasoning Aptitude

How can learning about your reasoning skills help to improve how you write a research paper or give a presentation?
Learning about each of our reasoning skills helps us improve how we write a research paper or do a presentation because by knowing what each team member succeeds at it will help in creating a research paper or presentation that is accurate and effective for the target audience. Staying focused on the material, understanding and staying organized will help deliver results to the audience. Learning about yourself is very important because that way you are able to take on tasks that relate to your strengths to achieve the best results. The more you learn about yourself and how you think and feel, you can be more true to your writing and communications. Knowing about how you reason can help you be a more effective speaker, writer, and communicator.   It can give you presentation more focus and keep your thoughts organized and on topic.
How can learning about your reasoning skills help improve a work environment? 
Work environment is an example of a team. We have to understand that everyone’s reasoning skills will be different. Each one of us can bring our skills into the working environment to work closely and efficiently with our coworkers.   Understanding each other’s reasoning skills and being open to new ideas will avoid conflict in a working environment. Allowing to others to know your strengths and weaknesses will allow the work to be divided equally based on everybody strengths and abilities. Also a team will benefit from allowing people to work on their weaknesses by giving them an opportunity to try new skills while the rest of the team will guide the person to success. At the end the team will have many individuals that are successful with several skills.

Team C

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