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Recruiting Process Essay

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Small Business Management-1001
Instructor: Travis Williams

If I were to start a small business I could begin by recruiting my employee by posting the openings on several different job boards. A job board used to refer to a physical board or case, often located in an employment center or agency. When a person is looking for work, they can try to check the job board every couple of days to see if any new posted offers of work.
You also could post the job openings on an industry specific website.   An industry specific website is a career and job resource website helping people to find employment. Then there is always the classified section in the newspaper. The classified section in the newspaper helps to a person and the company which needs employment or who needs positions filled.
However, I would take the proper steps in evaluating and selecting my employees. First, I would be looking over the job description and criteria. Deliberate about the duties of the job and what type of staff will be needed. Furthermore, by writing a job description and including the qualities, knowledge and training the "ideal" candidate would have. Second, I would go through every resume and application, putting aside any that does not fit into the official job standards and your "perfect" applicant criteria. In addition, keeping in mind even the best applicants need to be eliminated from your interview list if they do not match the specific job criteria. My third step would be listening to the applicants' responses to the questions being asked. Taking notes of their word choices, and the tone of their voice and their behavior, m sure they are paying attention to the questions they ask, and if they know why they might be getting asked some specific questions. By taking notes and writing down everything that truly matters will help me choose the best applicants for the job.

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