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Recycling Essay

  • Submitted by: GiraldoG
  • on January 7, 2013
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Can you imagine a whole woodland being cut down to accumulate our garbage?   According to the U.S. EPA, no landfill liner will last forever.   Some landfill liners are already failing. One of the main causes of recycling is to protect the environment by reducing the amount of garbage we sent to landfills.   This is a country that produces and uses a lot of goods and services.   With all these things, comes the need to dispose the items we no longer use.   The issue of recycling is not a new one.   At the beginning of the twentieth century, seventy percent of nation’s cities had programs to reduce some specific materials.   The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has gathered and reported data on generations and dumping of waste in the U.S. for more than 30 years.   Americans produced about 243 million tons of trash in 2009, and 82 million tons of material where composted.   This is equal to 33.8 percent total of recycling rate.   Recycling is a significant way to protect the environment and conserve our natural resources; therefore, as good citizens, we must learn about the issue and follow a recycling program to help the environment.   Many resources would confirm that we can reduce the amount of garbage produce on a day to day basis if recycling is put into action.
Recycling protects the environment in many different ways.   Many of the things citizens do on a daily basis affect the environment.   These activities, which take place in our household, would either help the environment or destroy it.   Big quantities of the garbage we place in the dumpster are made from raw materials.   Raw materials are regularly natural resources such as iron, oil, wood, and metal.   Recycling decreases the need for raw materials that have to be extracted from the land to produce new products.   If you pay close attention to the label packaging of the products purchased, you will notice that most items are made from recycled materials.   America is starting to realize that recycling is a...

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