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Reflection Essay

  • Submitted by: janiebaby
  • on October 19, 2013
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Janie Williams
Natalie Temple
October 7, 2013
University Prep_4R

Time Management
For the past few weekdays I recorded myself as I performed my daily activities from 12:00 am to 11:00 pm. I did this to see which activities take up most of my college life, how much time I allow myself to study and if that’s enough time, and to see which activities I need to cut back and eliminate in order to make more time to study.
I started recording myself on Thursday at 12:00 am and stopped Saturday at 11:00 pm. My daily activities generally include taking a shower, sleeping, watching TV. , hanging with friends eating ,playing games, having alone time in my lobby, talking to   my family , and going to the mall.
I learned that as an incoming freshman, sleeping, going to class, and hanging in my dorm lobby are the things that take up more half of my day and that’s not bad because according to the study skills formula, I do make enough time to study.   However, I still need to manage my time a little better and increase my study time.   To make more time to study I can cut back on my naps during the day. I can also cut back on hanging in my dorm lobby with friends.
For my easy class credits, Math and University Prep, I will allow myself to study for about two hours per day. I’ll allow myself to study for 2 hours per day for my average class credit which is English.   My difficult class credits include Biology and Chemistry.   Together, those are 16 hours. Since 16 hours is a lot of hours to study for in a day, I’ll change it to a reasonable 3 hours per day.  
Besides needing to increase my study time, I’ve been doing pretty well managing my personal time and school time needs. Now I just have to schedule my different time hours to study for each class and eliminate a little personal time.


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