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Reflection Essay

  • Submitted by: Joselynturner
  • on October 7, 2012
  • Category: College Admissions
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Reflection Essay
Joselyn Turner
Western Governors University

PFHM: Business HR Management Portfolio Requirement

March, 17, 2011

Reflection Essay

      My career in human resources start out backwards from most peoples careers. Typically individuals start out their career with their education. They might possibly work in their field while they are completing school but most people search for that “perfect” job after they graduate. Not me. I started out the opposite way. I thought I wanted to be in the medical field and I accepted a position working with medical staff in a human resources office and I found out after a while being exposed to that type of field I wanted to make a career in human resources. I started gravitating towards recruiting early in my career and I found out very fast that I had a passion for reaching out to people in helping them land their dream job.
      I resembled a sponge early on in my career and tried to soak up everything that I could learn. The process of learning how to match candidates to a position that I was trying to fill was so interesting and I found the more that I learned the more I thrived in that type of career. I developed some great skills in my career that have really helped me in advancing in the direction that I wanted to achieve such as being able to read people when I interview them and determining if they were a good fit for the position. When you have done interviewing and recruiting for a while you develop a second nature to be able to determine if everything fits together well.

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