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Reflective Journal Essay

  • Submitted by: amcdougal90
  • on January 25, 2013
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Week 2 Reflective Journal

My opinion on the question,
1. “What do you think when you read claims in a newspaper or magazine that seem to be unsubstantiated?”
I think most of it is just malicious gossip and sometimes even oral defamation.   A lot of times it is just a reporter or a writer just trying to make an extra buck in my opinion and I don’t feed in to much of the Celebrity gossip. As far as politics go, I don’t believe anything until I have done a full thorough investigation for myself to see if anything is true or just gossip.

2. “How do you approach research?”
First you need to know exactly what you are researching and where you would like to find the information such as the library, the courthouse, the internet. It all really depends on what you’re researching. You then need to identify what would you like your end result to be, what you would like to find and how you would deem your research successful. You then need to compare what information you already have and what else you need. You will then need to contrast and analyze your researching and what exactly you have researched.

3. “What are your biggest challenges in doing research?”
My biggest challenges when doing research is having like a road block, not knowing where to go next or where to possibly turn to. While some websites like wikis may be great for some purposes, they are just not all that well adapted to research. Sometimes it is also difficult to weed out what is true and false in some case.

4. “What are some tips that you think will help you and others in conducting research?”
· I think having a variety of options available to conduct research is a big help. Such as the internet, the library, books and newspapers.
· I think also keeping everything that you have researched in an organized manner will make it easier for you go to go back to at a later time if need be.

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