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Relationship Essay

  • Submitted by: lazminit03
  • on February 17, 2012
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Maintaining Relationships: Is it really this difficult?

There are various reasons as to why relationships falter and collapse. Some because of infidelity,
Others because off finances and unhappiness. At the same time there are many reasons on how it can
Become resolved. The trust is restored after a successful counseling session; a budget balance was
instilled so that neither person would worry about money issues, and kept each other entertained to
mend happiness. But for all of these reasons, the one factor that mattered the most was
communication. Many people believe that communication is nothing more than one person talking to
the next, but in all honesty, it’s more than that. There are at least 3 components of communication to
maintain any relationship: verbal, physical and mental communication.
Expressing oneself verbally allows that person to carry on a conversation about anything. It
allows couples to vent out opinions, frustrations, and just about anything that comes to mind. One way
in maintaining a relationship is to listen to what the other has to say. But, does that always occur? No.
The problem is that individuals think they’re correct and fear that anything else would alter a final
decision. Bad verbal communication leads to a horrible understanding of one another and an unhealthy
relationship. For example, one person wants to purchase new tires for the car, but the other wants to
save the money in the account because they feel as though they may need it later for more important
obligations. The first person doesn’t pay the second person any mind since getting the tires are far
more Important than saving money for later, at least in their thought process. Case in point, both feel as
though it’s a waste of time compromising with each other since they both believe their own reasons are
more important than the other. Because of this conflict in verbal communication, it sometimes turns
into a domino effect and...

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