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Religion Essay

  • Submitted by: jollyamatya
  • on October 4, 2012
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Religion is defined as human transformations in response to the ultimacy (Young, 2009). Our world has many religions, which consider the ultimacy to be different from others. Religion is a major influence to our lives. For the scope of this paper, I am going to discuss the influence of religion in two areas: Religion and Politics, and Religion and Society.
In my initial approach, I want to elaborate on the influence of religion in political arena. Religion has major influence in politics and its practices worldwide. Although, U.S. Constitution separates church and state, forbidding the government to sanction any particular religion, presidential candidates have often been religious and have used religious imagery in their speeches and cited religious dimensions to their policy decision. (religion and society). Recently, Republican Mitt Romney, who is also the first Mormon presidential nominee, has been praised by Mormons for spotlighting the faith. The chairman of Marriot International J.W."Bill" Marriot has expressed his gratitude and said that the wonderful campaign led by Mitt Romney and his family has brought positive publicity about the church. (Hunt, 2012)
The very idea that the head of the state or any state officials should be chosen based on their religious background might be troubling. Likewise, based on a poll statistics it is said voters are more interested in electing a "person of faith" to the highest office and are more likely to support candidates who are from the same religious denomination as they are ("Presidential candidates and," 2012). Similarly, Rick Hampson said that a Washington Post poll in July showed that 39% of those surveyed had a positive view of Mormons while 31% had a negative view. Twenty percent also said that they would have a problem with a family member marrying a Mormon (rick hampson).

      The influence of religion in politics can be traced to eastern region of the globe as well. A recent shoe design by Icon Company...

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