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Religion Egypt Essay

  • Submitted by: msfloriz
  • on September 20, 2012
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Good afternoon   fellow students the religion that I will be talking about today is the extraordinary Ancient Egyptian religion. Of course it is located in Egypt and is made up of many myths and legends.   The Ancient Egyptians had a monotheism form of belief system. They believed in more than 700 gods and goddess. This was developed in Ancient Egypt.   The only important god who was worshiped with consistency was Ra, chief of cosmic deities, from whom early Egyptian kings claimed descent. Beginning with the Middle Kingdom (2040-1640 BC), Ra worship acquired the status of a state religion, and the god was gradually fused with Amon during the Theban dynasties, becoming the supreme god Amon-Ra. | During the 18th Dynasty the pharaoh Amenhotep III renamed the sun god Aton. Amenhotep's son, Amenhotep IV, instituted a revolution in Egyptian religion by proclaiming Aton the true and only god. He changed his own name to Akhenaton. This first great monotheist was so iconoclastic that he had the plural word gods deleted from monuments, and he relentlessly persecuted the priests of Amon. Akhenaton's son religion failed to survive, although it exerted a great influence on the art and thinking of his time, and Egypt returned to the ancient, complex religion of polytheism after Akhenaton's death |
Ancient Egyptians had a strong belief of the afterlife. The Ancient Egyptians believed that after death they would go to the dark and terrifying place called the Underworld. The Underworld, called Duat, was a land of great dangers through which every Egyptian would need to pass through after death. The meaning of death to the Ancient Egyptians was that each person was thought to have three souls which are the Ka, Ba and the Akh. The Ka was the duplicate of the body the Ba would be the soul that would then leave the tomb and start the journey to the afterlife and the Akh was the soul. | The journey of the underworld started with the process of mummification. The deceased were preserved...

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