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Religion of Ancient Egypt Essay

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  • on October 6, 2012
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The ancient Egyptians possessed a complex and intricate religion. The Egyptians were polytheists and worshipped literally hundreds of different gods, including their pharaohs, all of whom were believed to be gods in the form of men. For the most part, Egyptians held to polytheism, and the only time the Egyptians neared monotheism was during the reign of Akhenaton, who recognized only one god, Aton, as deity and denied all other gods. This belief was extinguished after the death of Akhenaton, as it was not accepted by most Egyptians at that time. The Egyptians were also animists. They believed the gods personified.forces in nature, such as wind, water, rain, and fire. Most of their gods were represented as half animal, half person.

Although the ancient Egyptians did worship hundreds of different gods, there were several gods whose cults were more popular than others. Amon-Re was the primary Egyptian god, supposed to be self-created. He was thought to be all-powerful and in result was thought to have created the entire world by simply speaking it into being. While at first he wasn’t one of the more prominent gods, he eventually replaced Egypt’s war god and became such an important god that he was recognized as the king of all gods. The main center for worship of Amon-Re was in Thebes.

Osiris, probably the most well known of the Egyptian gods, was considered to be the god of vegetation, the god of the resurrection, but most importantly, the god of the Underworld. According to Egyptian mythology, Osiris was sent to earth by Amon-Re and he ruled peacefully over it until his brother, Set, became jealous of his good position and enticed him into a coffin, which he sent down the Nile River. The coffin was found by Isis, wife to Osiris, enclosed in a tree in Lebanon. She brought it back to Egypt, but during a temporary absence, Set stole the body of Osiris from Isis and cut into pieces, scattering the pieces throughout the land. Isis recovered to pieces and using...

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