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Religion Service Hour Essay

  • Submitted by: Homework11
  • on October 18, 2013
  • Category: Social Issues
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I believe as Catholics, we are called to this world to come and serve the Lord.   So for this semester I chose the principle of Life and Dignity.   To me this principle means that each and everyone of God’s people should be treated equally with respect and when in need of help or support, why not help?   Equality is a huge role in this principle, it requires communities to treat everyone or everything the same as you would treat loved ones or even yourself.   Some implications of my life choices are treating my peers with respect, because if I wish to earn their respect and in order to do that, I have to show them that they have mine.   Also, I treat my fellow students, teachers, and even family and friends equally, because I believe that everyone of God’s people are the same as one another and favoritism should be out of the question.   Another implication to my life choices are that I love to help people when the help is needed, I feel that as all humans we should all strive to encourage and assist one another.
For the past two or three months, I have been putting my dedication and hard work in helping my city, La Mirada.   Here at La Mirada, there are many different special events and other great task to be involved with.   For example, the events that I attend to in order to complete my hours were the Halloween Feast and the Christmas Holiday Event.   My service reflects on this principle, because

While progressing with my service hours, one thing that I learned about myself is that when I work or help children, I feel calm with them and somehow when talking to them it always puts a smile on my face.   As I would be assisting the children I feel great knowing that I helped one person.   Since these are things that I learned about myself, some things that I learned about others, is that at La Mirada they took me real seriously, but at the same time they treated me with friendship and kindness.   At the La Mirada events that I attended to where I completed...

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