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Religions Essay

  • Submitted by: ballack0321
  • on November 13, 2012
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Comparison between Judaism, Christianity and Islam

    The three biggest religions in western world can be divided into Christianity, Judaism and Islam. They have a very interest relationship, although they have fierce conflicts in recent years that give us a illusion they are absolutely irreconcilable, but they are the same in essence. Actually, they are originated from the same religion, the ancient Judaism. In this essay, I will introduce that Christianity, Judaism and Islam have different view on their God; each possesses an essential need to believe in the existence of God who created the heavens and the earth. On the other hand, they are similar that they all have sacred rituals that can help them get closer to God.
    Their different view on God is interesting because they actually worship the same God but just have different names and missions.
    In Judaism, which is the root for both Christianity and Islam, God is portrayed as a transcendent creator. “God no-one-else created heaven and earth, providing the backdrop for the rest of history” (Robson, 124). Jews think that God has no gender or physical form but is always present and exists eternally. Jews often perceive God as a loving father even though he is majestic and divine. According to their beliefs, he is an all-powerful God who intervenes and rewards the righteous, and punishes the unjust. In Jew’s oppression age, God promised them that a Messiah that would come and liberate them and free them from all their suffering. The Jews believe that Messiah is yet to come.
    According to Christian’s beliefs and traditions, God is the all-knowing God, the all-present God, the protector who takes care of human needs as generous saint. Christian are used to be Jews, they just have some new idea about Judaism and add elements of Greek philosophy and other local traditions. “The first Christians didn’t originally call themselves by that name—they were mostly Jews who believed Jesus was the messiah”...

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