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Remember the Titans Character Change Essay

  • Submitted by: calypso040297
  • on January 26, 2013
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Remember the Titans

      In the movie Remember the Titans, there were a lot of characters who changed.   The three most noticeable character changes were with the characters Gerry Bertier, Julius Campbell, and Mrs. Jean Bertier.   These characters started off as not realizing that the characters of a different race were people too.   As the story progresses, they realize that they aren’t so different after all.
      Garry Bertier starts off as being judgmental, racist, and arrogant.   He doesn’t see his African American teammates as the people they really are.   He also judged Sunshine because of his sexuality then came to accept it.   As he works with his teammates and gets to know them better he starts to see them as real people and even looks at them as brothers.   Getting to know his teammates makes Garry more open minded and causes him to begin standing up for what he believes.
      At the beginning of the movie Julius Campbell keeps to himself and is a little distrustful.   He doesn’t really like his white teammates, but after a while of working with them he changes in a lot of ways.   Julius becomes good friends with Gary and it causes him to open up and be more welcoming to people.   It allowed Julius to get to know everyone better and really changed him as a person, but in a good way.
      Mrs. Bertier is also a good example of a character who changed.   In the beginning she is very racist and judgmental and doesn’t approve of her son’s relationship to Julius.   She later sees that Julius is a good person a really great friend to her son.   She begins to like him more in more as she gets to know him better, and later in the story she begins to view him almost as a part of her family.
      This movie is a great example as to how people can change is they want to.   It also shows the power of friendship and how the easiest way to have a good friendship is not be judgmental in any way and to accept people as they are because we are all different and nobody is...

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