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Research Methods Essay

  • Submitted by: mattryan1894
  • on February 19, 2012
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There are many different kinds of ways to research. These research methods include correlation, case study, naturalistic and laboratory observations, surveys and of course experiment. In class we watch a documentary of the Stanford Prison Experiment. In this experiment a psychology professor named Philip Zimbardo, studied the psychological effects of turning Stanford students into prisoners or prison guards. The experiment was conducted from August 14-20, 1971. Zimbardo’s goal was to understand the psychological effect to people in abusive prisons.
Twelve students were selected out of 75 to play the prisoners and live in a mock prison in the basement of the Stanford psychology building. Another twelve of the same 75 were selected to play the Guards. Zimbardo also took a role in the experiment, superintendent of the prison. The participants adapted their roles far beyond what Zimbardo expected. The guards went to extreme measures to make sure that the prisoners knew who had the power. Even though the guards had wooden batons, those were given for show. The guards were not aloud to physically abuse the prisoners, but they could verbally abuse them or use the solitary confinement as punishment. By day two there were already prison riots, which in retrospect is extremely soon because in prisons camps or other prisons people would not be rioting or questioning the authority that soon. Prisoner 8612 was the “leader” of the prisoners but he was declared crazy and released on day 4 allowing alternate prisoner 416 take his place. Being the new guy was not easy because he immediately wanted to leave but that got reject, therefore he went on a hunger strike forcing the guards to use the solitary confinement for the first time. For many reasons the experiment was shut down on day six of fourteen.
Making a conclusion with data is hard when an experiment is cut short but results demonstrate that even if one person is willing to stand up to the authority the rest of the group...

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