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Research Paper

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March 5, 2008
English Composition II

The American Divorce, The American Way.

Divorce has become a very popular event for many couples in America today. As it has been on the rise for several decades, it has become something that people can do 55 hours after the marriage ceremony. Shame has become a thing of the past, and you are a strong man, or a strong woman, when you can walk away from the marriage. But is this ability to be strong hurting the true sanctity of marriage? When the vows “‘til death do us part” are spoken, does death represent boredom or irreconcilable differences? Or is marriage becoming to much of a fad, rushing to the alter because you want the idea of the marriage and not the work. The American marriage is a thing of the past, and the American divorce is the present.
Almost forty-five percent of marriages in America today end in divorce. Surprisingly however, is the number of marriages that end in divorce.   The average divorced American remarries two times after the first divorce. Forty-one percent of first marriages end divorce, the divorce rate for the second marriage is sixty percent, and the divorce rate for the third marriage is seventy-three percent. The saying “staying together for the kids” is really true in today’s family. Forty percent of couples with children compared to sixty-six percent of childless couples get divorced. However, it isn’t always for that reason. According to the Discovery Channel, sociologists believe that the reason for higher divorce rate in childless couples is due to the fact that the lack of children make the one or both of the couple feel lonely and weary (Divorcestatistics.org). The most common age at marriage that ends in divorce is twenty to twenty nine years old with fifty-three percent of women and sixty percent of men. The average age of the divorced American is thirty years old for men and twenty-nine years old for women. The statistics of divorce are a shocking realization for many to see,...

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