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Research Topics Essay

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Below is an essay on "Research Topics" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

Makeup Addiction
• It sometimes seems as there is an addiction out there for everybody. One of the most recent additions to the long list is makeup addiction. A research paper into this topic could begin by questioning whether spending more money than you need on cosmetics actually qualifies as an addiction. If your research leads you to agree that this is an actual disorder, you could delve into the causes of makeup addiction. A more expansive research paper could analyze whether this type of addiction is another symptom of adverse reactions on women's self-esteem by the advertising industry.

• Hot topics for educational research papers can address a wide variety of issues affecting K-12 education, college and graduate school. In topics about K-12, students can investigate learning abilities at charter schools, getting school vouchers and extending the school year. Topics can also include online education and the expanded use of computers in a school's curriculum. Research topics regarding college can study retention rates, drug use among college students and academic dishonesty. Graduate school research topics can analyze the dollar value of a specific degree and the price for getting an advanced degree.

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• Immigration is also a topic that has an effect on many people; the people who are coming from another country and the people who are currently living in that country. Immigration happens all over the world, particularly in the United States. The history of immigration is rich with the struggles of many different people leaving their homeland in search of something better. Today there are plenty of statistics available to include in your research.

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