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Response on Being an Athiest Essay

  • Submitted by: mimi38852
  • on October 7, 2012
  • Category: Social Issues
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Below is an essay on "Response on Being an Athiest" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

In his article, “On Being an Atheist,” author H. J. McCloskey claims to make a persuasive case against the existence of God without any real or practical evidence to back up his assertions.   In the article, McCloskey makes reference to “proofs” rather than real, tangible “arguments” for the existence of God thus making the theists’ beliefs incredibly simplistic. With respect to the Teleological and Cosmological Arguments, McCloskey offers little to no real opposition and as far as God’s non-existence,   he offers the more logical issue of the problem of evil, which does not contain any logic at all.   McCloskey ends the article with the claim that there is more comfort found in not believing than believing, which is seemingly completely irreverent to an article seeking to prove that there is not a God.
In the article, McCloskey overemphasizes the theists’ beliefs by referring to the “proofs” of the existence of God and then claims that those same proofs ultimately prove nothing at all.   It is understood, among virtually all theists, that God’s existence can never really be proven, but rather it is accepted based on the best evidence available.   Theists will, based on the proof at hand and a foundation of faith, accept the existence of God - not because of tangible proof - but in spite of what is not seen or touched physically.   McCloskey’s proofs are not proofs but rather opinions with neither merit nor factual basis. At best his proofs are no more correct than a theist’s faith and establish naught.
In McCloskey’s article he surmises that the Cosmological Argument proves that God does not exist because the existence of the universe and the existence of God have nothing to do with one another.   The universe is a real, tangible, multi-faceted, multi-dimensional thing that can be appreciated with all of one’s senses.   Its mere existence, according to the article, does not prove it was created by a singular Almighty.   The faulty reasoning in this argument is to ask the...

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