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Response Paper

  • Submitted by: detrick21
  • on September 19, 2012
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Huckleberry Finn is a adventurous young boy who doesn't know who he is. Huck is raised by his father, Pap, who was a drunk that disappeared for months on end. Pap is very abusive. Verbally and physically towards Huck. Huck has to live in fear of being knocked out or shot for speaking better,   knowing how to read, or just for being himself around his father. Pap doesn't want huck to feel like he is any way better than him. Pap lets Huck know this anytime he feels the need. These actions from Pap make Huck think less of who he is as a person. He feels like he is not good enough . Huck's distance from society makes him more skeptical of the world around him and the ideas it throws his way.
When Huck assumed the identity of Sarah Mary Williams he is merely trying it out. Huck assumes the role to find some information about his death. Huck is trying to see if he could pass as a girl without any notice from the town people. This shows his curiosity for the opposite sex and also if Huck could go unnoticed then this would be a identity he might have portrayed around town much longer.
Huck's pseudonymous exploits so far are different from others. Pseudonymous meaning bearing a fictitious name. Such acts that express this character is the misrepresentation of him as a girl, by joining the Tom Sawyer Gang , and also by running away. These act shows Huck using fictitious character and representation to his advantage.   The nature of these events show Huck experimenting with the world to see what outcome he gets. By being deceptive, criminal in nature, and rebellious Huck can in the end learn what's the right thing to do and what's really wrong. The process of finding one self.
Huck's acts of identity performance contributes to his education by letting him learn. to learn by experience rather than by word. Huck's actions while give him the knowledge to distinguish from whats really right and whats wrong. These experiences will never leave Huck because he has to live...

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