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Response Paper

  • Submitted by: AaronKill
  • on November 13, 2012
  • Category: History
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With all of the different working conditions, wages, races, and experience that we saw is Hollitz chapter 2, we can make a generalization that the worker’s level of distress was high. There are three questions that come to mind. First, overall do the working conditions appear to be improving or getting worse? Second, What do workers think about their conditions? Third, would you agree to what William Sumner said that it was not the role of the government to improve the conditions of the working classes, the claim of some writers that employers treated workers as a mere commodity, Sumner also asserted, was “ludicrous” in the “cold light of reason?” After some reading all the sources I can say that conditions got worse then were fixed later, some workers did not like their jobs, and I do not agree with Sumner’s argument.
In researching the first question, “do the working conditions appear to be approving or getting worse?” After looking through the sources it looks like the conditions get worse at first then when the government finally stepped in they are improving. In source 1, the shoemaker makes a point that there should be a law for how many hours’ people can work a day. Source 8 talks about the conditions that women faced. The Massachusetts Bureau of Labor stated that with girls that worked in soap-factories come home with raw and bleeding from the caustic acid in the soap. Food preparation girls would have blistered hands from cleaning and packing the fish they worked on, and in match-factories necrosis often attacks the workers and the jaw is eaten away. When the government finally saw what was happening with the industrial industry they finally stepped in and made more strict labor laws. Trying to improve the working conditions like how many hours’ people could work, how much they have to be paid (minimum wage), and the way the have to work.
After reading all the sources, trying to answer question two was a little challenging, source one gave so much...

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