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Response to Literature Essay

  • Submitted by: mefatguy
  • on September 19, 2012
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The Help that is Given…But not Received
What causes people to crawl on hardware store floors, have terrifying flashbacks, or even a family member that has a traumatic tendency to have flashbacks about the Vietnam War? The Story, “Stop the Sun” is one of Gary Paulsen’s works. It begins as a teenage boy named Terry begins to question his father’s “problem.” His father has the Vietnam Syndrome, that causes flashbacks and pain to those witnessed the Vietnam War. Terry wants to help his father even though his father denies it, and his mother doesn’t want to disrupt her husband. My initial response is that “To help others even though denied, you must push through till they accept your help.”
Terry first begins to question when his father had one of his moments. “Sometimes during a meal his father’s fork would stop halfway between his mouths, just stop, and there would be a long pause while the eyes went away, far away.” If I were Terry I would be frightened too. You’re eating a meal with your family when suddenly it gets quiet and your father zones out. Terry realizes “Hey! I got to find out what’s happening to my dad.” Ding! Something must have clicked in his head after such a long time. My first idea would be to ask mom, but mom is cautious with his father and protects him. I was sad that Terry wants to get help, or even find out what happens to his father he’s blocked.
The next part that really hit me was the encounter at the hardware store. It really got to me since it was a bunch of emotions being expressed at once; fear, shock, disbelief, embarrassment, nervousness, sadness, and courage all at once. It was like my first day in Middle School all over again. “His father squirming along the floor on his stomach… crying, looking terrified… it burned into Terry’s mind… he wanted to walk away, but something made his feet move forward.” I don’t know about you, but most people would be like “I don’t know this guy,” and walk away. I was a little frightened that Terry...

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