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Restraint in the Odyssey Essay

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  • on August 7, 2015
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Ramon Solis
Mr. Peterson
English 1 HP
10 November 2014
The Odyssey Essay
Restraint is a measure of condition that keeps someone or something under control or within limits. There are many synonyms for this word such as self-control, self-discipline, moderation, and prudence. And all of this is shown in Homer’s The Odyssey. Throughout the epic poem Odysseus goes through many hard ships and trials. Through these hardships our hero, Odysseus, shows a great amount of restraint that helped protect himself and get him and his men out of sticky situations..
Towards the middle of The Odyssey Odysseus is trapped inside of the Cyclops cave and is trying to figure out how to escape. “I considered whether to go near and draw my sharp sword and drive it into his breast; I could feel about till I found the place where the midriff encloses the liver. But second thoughts kept me back. We should have perished ourselves in that place, dead and done for; we could never have moved the great stone which he had planted in the doorway” (112). This quote explains how Odysseus considered killing the Cyclops. But he restrained himself from doing so for he and his men would not have been able to remove the giant stone. All of them would have been condemned to stay in the cave if he had not stopped himself from murdering the Cyclops. In the end it was his restraint that got them out of there alive.
When Odysseus arrives back home to his native land, Ithaca, Pallas Athena tells him that he has arrived. “This made Odysseus glad indeed, after all his sufferings; full of joy to be on his native soil he heard Pallas Athenaia daughter of Zeus, and his answer was plain enough: but he did not tell her the truth, which he was careful to keep back…” (166).This shows that Odysseus holds himself back from speaking the truth for he is not sure to trust the daughter of Zeus. And not only did he not trust her but he also wasn’t even sure it was her. So he keeps it to himself because he is not sure...

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