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Reveiw Essay

  • Submitted by: gtprincess
  • on January 5, 2013
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Health care is probably one of the most talked about topics nationwide. Even more so after the 2010 Affordable Health Care bill was executed. Some changes have already been placed in effect, but some major changes will be implemented in 2014 that will affect everyone in health care fields; more or less so Health insurance Specialists. This will be the result of many more Accountable Care Organizations (ACO). I do this will affect health insurance specialist but only for the better rather than worse.
ACOs are described as a network of providers that share the responsibility for the care of a specified group such as Medicaid users. I believe that it would have a better effect on the health insurance specialist job.   Specialist will no longer have different claims to file they can all file them together because the different health care specialists will be under one organization, file can float from specialist to doctor more effectively.   This would also benefit the Health Insurance Specialist because they no longer would have to worry about wrongly charging the patient because ACOs aim to provide cost-effective health care to the population.
On the flip side many might feel this will over work Insurance specialist because Health Insurance specialist will need to know offhand what health care provider belongs to which ACO. The job could get quite overwhelming for the specialist but it will better their job title. Many feel that the insurance companies will lose money because these ACOs also go for preventative care. Preventative care would mean less insurance claims and therefore not as many health insurance specialists would be needed.
Many people have their good and bad on the increase of Accountable Care Organizations. Health Insurance Specialist is always going to be affected.   They should look at it as a way of conveni

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