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Review of Pratt 1995 Article

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  • on October 19, 2013
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Review of Pratt (1995)

    The goal of this study was to determine if inhibition of return (IOR) is limited to detection tasks or if it extends to cover discrimination tasks.   IOR has been previously studied in various forms: validly cued static locations, dynamic objects and a mixture of the 2.   These former studies have yielded results in 2 main categories: choice manual reaction times and eye movement responses. The same general assumption was met. Previously attended locations yield longer reaction times (RT’s) than unattended locations. Based on these previous studies, Pratt (1995) conducted a paradigm to former detection task studies that yielded strong IOR effects (Abrams & Dobkin, 1994a, 1994b; Pratt & Abrams, in press).   Pratt’s experiment involved a group of 16 subjects from Washington University. Each individual focused on a central fixation point until a target stimulus (square or diamond) was presented. The subject was to respond as quick and accurate as possible to the target stimulus, whether in the presence or absence of a distractor.
Pratt’s (1995) experiment involved 16 subjects split into 2 equally sized groups. All subjects had perfect vision and were unaware of what the experiment involved. All they knew was they would receive $6 for a 1-hour participation session. Each individual was placed in a soundproof booth of low lighting where he/she wore a fitted tactile frame that had a scleral-reflectance eye motion monitor. The subject’s head rested on a chinrest to prevent movement from the central fixation point. The experimental design consisted of 7 blocks; each block was 40 trials in length. There was 4 different setups each split into a 2X2X2 (discrimination or detection task X validly (V) or invalidly (IV) cuing X left or right side target presentation). Each test setup used either a square or diamond as the target and the other as the distractor (when applicable). Each of these setups used equal proportions of V vs. IV cuing,...

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