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Review Questions/Answers for Morley Book

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  Approx. 2.45 GB used and 497.558594 GB is left
  A- DVD B- USB C- Hybrid hard drive
  CD Rom disc come with date already installed in them , CD-RW can all be written to.
  Possible advantages for using online storage are the safety , global access , less internal storage and the disadvantages are the lack of control , security issues.
  USB easy to transfer , cloud is easy to access and globally transferred in minutes .

Java Book chapter 3 questions
  decision structure
  boolean expression
  relational operators
  logical operators
  null statement
  A is less than B
  nested if statement
  the closest previous if clause that doesn't already have its own else clause
  the equals method
Find the error
class ifelse {
public static void main(String[] args) {
if ( x == 1) ;
y = 2;
else if ( x == 2) ;
y = 3;
else if ( x == 3) ;
y = 4;
1. write an if statement that assigns 100 to x when y is equal to 0
if (y = = 0)
x = 100;
Short answers
  "conditionally executed" is a decision structure that consists of only one branch, which is executed if the condition associated with the if is true.
  the if statement will not control the execution of the block.
  it is necessary to indent all the statements inside a set of braces so that the compiler can know what & when to be compiled. An opening braces indicates that a new process has created & closing braces indicates that the process is getting terminated at that point.
  The operator will not check to see if the string is equal or not, in terms of the characters that make up the strings, but will check to see if they are in the same location in memory.
  flag variable, in its simplest form, is a variable you define to have one value until some condition is true, in which case you change the...

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