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Review Wage Policy

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  • on September 19, 2012
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12.130 Our terms of reference make only a tangential and incidental reference to the question of wages and productivity. They do not form part of the central focus of the task that has been entrusted to us. Even so, it cannot be denied that wages and productivity are among the central concerns of workers as well as entrepreneurs. One seeks employment so that one can attain a ‘decent’ or dignified standard of living. The wage or income that one obtains from one’s work is therefore, what enables one to achieve a fair standard of living. One seeks a fair wage both to fulfil one’s basic needs and to feel reassured that one receives a fair portion of the wealth that one works to generate for society. Society, in its turn, feels that it has a duty to ensure a fair wage to every worker, to ward off starvation and poverty, to promote the growth of human resources, and to ensure social justice without which continuous threats to law and order may undermine economic progress. 12.131 But the resources to pay

wages have also to be created. They have to come from the economic viability and profit of undertakings. So those who run undertakings are concerned with their capacity to pay the wages that are considered to be fair both in terms of individual needs and the social responsibility to citizens. 12.132 Our Constitution accepts the responsibility of the state to create an economic order in which every citizen finds employment and receives a ‘fair wage’. One of the earliest decisions taken by the government of free India was to set up a Committee to define a fair wage, and and legal indicate means the for economic

ensuring a fair wage to every employed citizen. An examination of this question established the integral relation between the quantum of the fair wage and the capacity to pay the wage, and the need to balance and constantly upgrade both to ensure a fair standard of life,...

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